U-Scan Genesis II

Self-Checkout continues to grow

Self-service checkout is now a consumer expectation in most retail environments. U-Scan has had a leading role in the evolution and innovation of Self-Checkout for more than 20 years. Fujitsu U-Scan Genesis II is an extension of the long line of Fujitsu Self-Checkout products. Fujitsu SCO brings to market many of the latest technologies, and continues the Fujitsu heritage of industry-leading, well-designed and highly durable retail checkout self-service solutions.

  • More intuitive customer interface – redesigned using the same human-machine interaction technology used to design automotive and aviation control systems, U-Scan Genesis II reduces transaction time, making it easier to follow on-screen customer instructions.
  • “Above scanner” bill and coin accepting and dispensing units – speeds the transaction process and reduces the chance of customers leaving money behind. Vertical orientation of these devices into a tight cluster adjacent to the display makes it much easier and faster for consumers to find the bill, coin, receipt and coupon devices.
  • Multi-item scanning – this patent-pending technology enables shoppers to scan items one after the other and then place them in the bag to further accelerate the check-out process. Shoppers do not have to scan and bag one item before scanning and bagging another.
  • The Fujitsu F53 bill dispenser – has also been improved, streamlining the bill transport system to reduce bill travel distance and possibility of mis-feeds or jams. The new Genesis II improved assembly allows the bill exit fascia to travel with the dispenser so port alignment is never an issue. The bill out position is also new, just below the coin cup, but still adjacent to the plane of the scanner.
  • MEI bill and coin acceptors – a world leader in coin and bill accepting technology, the new bill and coin acceptors are easier to operate, more reliable, fast, and more energy efficient.  The new bill and coin acceptors have remote update capabilities so new security parameters can be quickly and easily updated.
  • Data Logic 9800 Scanner Scale
  • Retail-hardened Fujitsu TeamPoS 7000 terminals – designed to withstand the rigors of high-volume checkout environments with easy serviceability.
  • Rapid integration to POS applications – using our sophisticated messaging framework and Virtual POS (VPOS) design, U-Scan can be quickly integrated to most retailers’ POS systems. Future POS upgrades are much simpler, faster and less costly to integrate with the U-Scan software, meaning much lower impact to retailer’s on-going POS release schedule.
  • Modern Blue Light-Bar design – in contrast to the Genesis ATM Style “follow-me” Green LEDs, Genesis II introduces a new and more modern Blue Light-Bar design.  The new light bars are carefully incorporated into the edge lines of the new Genesis II fascia and are more visually striking, against the Ocean Black background color.

U-Scan Genesis II offers retailers new features, flexibility, scalability, reliability and usability. Some of the advanced features include: high capacity, space saving footprint, ATM-style “follow me” LED lighting, more intuitive customer interface, “above scanner” bill and coin accepting and dispensing units and multi-item scanning. There are three basic Universal Bag Scale (UBS) platform configurations, as well as a Mini-Carousel rotating/platform scale unit, explained below.

  • UBS 1 – Single-bag unit is perfect for small retail outlets, convenience stores, drug and discount retailers in both standard and express lane configurations
  • UBS 2 – Dual-bag model works well in almost any retail store environment, where bagging capacity and layout flexibility are important.
  • UBS 4 – Four-bag system is perfect for higher volume supermarkets and mass merchandise retailers fitting in significantly less space than most popular 3-bag systems.

■ Beautiful new sleek, contemporary exterior design
■ Visually stunning “hi-bright” display and consumer guidance LED “light bars”
■ Higher performance and more durable internal components and design
■ Latest hybrid imaging scanning technology
■ High fidelity stereo audio
■ Repositioning of key devices to improve functionality, availability and sustainability
■ Structural upgrades to improve durability, reliability and ease of operation
■ Lower energy consumption
■ Optional coin and note recycling
■ Better overall value

Fujitsu TeamPOS® 7000 and D75 Touch Customer Display
■ Fujitsu flagship TeamPOS 7000 CPU comes standard with an Intel® Core™ i3, 2 core, 2 thread 3.3GHz with 4GB standard memory (max 8GB) and 250GB HDD (optional solid state drives or RAID) USB, PUSB and legacy serial communication I/O options.
■ Intel CPU
■ 15” IR Touch Display
■ Multiple powered and unpowered USB and serial ports
■ High performance, low power consumption, HD graphics
■ High-speed Gigabit Ethernet LAN
■ Scanning: High performance imaging technology supporting 1d, 2d, PDF412 Bioptic variants available
■ Internal Printing
■ High speed internal 80mm receipt printer
■ Available with all cash options
■ Audio: 2 High fidelity customer facing speakers
■ Payment
■ Standard Cash, and Cashless options
■ Updated Coin and Bill acceptance devices
■ EFT Pin Pad and Card Reader for Swipe and Chip
■ Lane Light
■ High bright 3-lens signal tower on mounted pole
■ Internal Coupons
■ Coupon detector and bin available with all cash options
■ Bagging Modules
■ Universal Bag Scale and Mini Carousel
■ Mount on Left or Right side of Customer Station
■ Customer-Specific Configurations
■ Internal Components, External Components (printers, EFTs), and Custom colors
■ Customer configurations and accessories subject to confirmation

Width600 mm (23.6 in)
Height1320 mm (52 in)
Depth650 mm (25.6 in)
TP7K Modular Controller
CPU TypeIntel 4th Generation Haswell Celeron G1820TE, Core I3-4330TE, Core I5-4570TE
Memory4GB Standard memory; expandable to 8GB
Storage128GB Solid State Drive (SSD)/500GB HDD
Ethernet10/100/1000 LAN
Inputs/Outputs8X 12 V P-USB
1X 24 V P-USB
2x Serial Ports
1x VGA
1x DisplayPort
Size15” Color Touch Screen
Touch Screen TechnologyProjected Capacitive Multi-Touch (10 point Touch)
Resolution1024 X 768
Scanner Scale
Model High Performance 1D and 2D barcode reader 
ModelHigh Speed Thermal Printer
Cash Handling
Coin AcceptanceSingle feed, high capacity coin bucket
Coin dispensingUp to 6 Coin Hopper
Coin recyclerUp to 6 Coin Recycler
Bill acceptorSingle note feed, 600/1000 Note Bin Capacity
Bill dispenserFujitsu F53, 2/3/4 Cassettes, 500 note capacity cassettes
Bill recyclerFujitsu G60, 4 bin recycler, 100 note capacity cassettes
Fujitsu GSR50, 3 bin recycler, 120 note capacity cassettes. Two rollers per cassette, up to 6 denominations.
Bagging Modules
UBS1/2/4/6/8 bagging modules, left or right mount,
bag racks, 4” and 12” bag risers (optional)
Assist ShelfOptional side shelf, left or right mount
CouponsCoupon sensor and collector (optional)
Operating SystemWindows Embedded 7, 8, and Windows 10 (Linux option available)
TP7K Power Requirement 
Voltage100-240 V AC
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power dissipation90 W
Uninterrupted Power Supply 
ModelPowercom, 1000VAC, 700W (optional)
Operating Temperature32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C) 15º C/Hr (Non-Condensing)
Non-operating Temperature23°F to 122°F (-5°C to 50°C)
Operating Relative Humidity20 to 85% non- condensing
Non-operating Relative Humidity8 to 95% non- condensing

FUJITSU U-Scan Genesis II provides the same high reliability that retail customers demand from their Self-Checkout solution providers, while at the same time has been carefully redesigned into a new sleek and elegant form factor. Below the new beautiful exterior, Genesis II’s overall performance has improved using faster, more reliable and more energy efficient components. Support for the latest Intel® processors and Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems is included in Genesis II, all fully integrated with the latest Fujitsu U-Scan software. Since the introduction of the Genesis product line, many updates and improvements have been made to U-Scan, while at the same time delivering better overall value to retailers. Real world insight from retailers and consumers has driven these changes forward in an even wider range of innovations and improvements to Genesis II: a testament to “Innovation that Matters” in the real retail environment.